Sinus and Allergy

The Tennessee Valley is hard on our sinuses.   We treat all medical and surgical problems related to your sinuses.


We offer comprehensive allergy testing and treatment (medical and immunotherapy).  Valley ENT has offered Sublingual Immunotherapy (SLIT) – allergy treatment applied under the tongue – for well over a decade.  We design a comprehensive program to improve your quality of life and help you through the ups and downs of allergies in the Valley.

Sinus Surgery

We offer state of the art, minimally invasive surgical solutions to complex sinus conditions.  These solutions include Balloon sinuplasty under local sedation in our office’s surgical suites without the need for general anesthesia.  In the Operating Room we deploy the latest technology such as real-time navigation with virtual 3D reconstruction of sinus anatomy and tiny drug-eluting stents that slowly release medicine into the sinus tissues to improve your long term outcome.

Our goal, whether surgical or medical, is to improve your quality of life and keep you out of the doctor’s office in the future.