New Patients

Thank you for choosing Valley ENT. We welcome the opportunity to serve you. Our well trained staff and board certified physicians are prepared to treat all aspects of your ears, nose and throat. Our goal is to provide you with safe, sound medical care that is sensitive to your individual needs.

Office hours and locations:  Our Athens office is open from 8AM to 5PM Monday through Thursday and from 8AM to 12PM on Fridays. Monday through Thursday, the Athens office closes for lunch from 12PM to 1PM. Currently, our Madison office offers appointments on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 1PM to 5PM. We value your time, and make every effort to reduce your wait. We ask that you try to arrive on time or a few minutes early for your appointment. If you are more than 15 minutes late, you may be asked to reschedule. If you find the need to cancel an appointment, please call the office as soon as possible. This small courtesy is greatly appreciated, as it may help other patients get in to see their physician sooner. If you miss an appointment without any prior notice you may be charged a $25 fee.

Payment Policies Billing: You will receive a bill from our office after your charges have been processed by your insurance carrier(s) or if we haven’t heard from your insurance carrier after an extended period of time. It is your responsibility to contact your insurance company if you have not received an “Explanation of Benefits”. All non-covered charges and remaining charges after your insurance has been paid are due and payable within 30 days of billing. If you do not have insurance or special arrangements are necessary for the payment of your bill, please stop by the business office where arrangements can be made quickly and easily.

Insurance: Our office will file your charges to two insurance carriers for you. Please keep the business office informed of any changes in your insurance status. Although we will assist you in processing your claim, payment of the bill is ultimately your responsibility. If your charges are to be filed with your employer, workers’ compensation, auto insurance, etc., please make sure to inform the registration staff at each visit.

Emergencies: Our physicians are available 24 hours a day to meet your needs when emergencies occur. If you need urgent attention, please go to the nearest emergency room or call 911 for assistance. The emergency room physician will evaluate your medical problem and consult with our on call physicians when necessary. If you are uncertain what to do, please call our office and a nurse can give you advice on how to proceed. If the office is closed, you can call the office number at 256 233-1650 and the answering service personnel will have the “on-call” physician call you back.

Hospitalization or Surgery: When hospitalization or surgical procedures are required, our physicians will care for you at Athens Limestone Hospital or Madison Surgery Center. The fees for services provided by the hospital and surgery center are all billed separately from the services provided by the physicians of Valley ENT. To assist the hospital in filing your insurance claims, be prepared to supply information regarding your carrier at the time of admission. Also, if your insurance carrier requires pre-authorization for admission, inform your doctor or nurse of this requirement at the time your surgery is scheduled.

Prescription Refills: Many medications require ongoing refills; however, it is possible to run out of your medication refills prior to your next appointment. It is important not to miss any doses of certain medications. Please call during our normal business hours for a refill when you have at least three days of the medication remaining to avoid waiting unnecessarily at the pharmacy or missing any of your doses. If you have any confusion about whether or not to continue a medication that has no more refills, please call our office and we will give you the proper advice.

Patient’s Rights
– You have the right to adequate education and counseling regarding your medical condition.
– You have the right to have all procedures, risks, benefits and alternatives explained and your questions answered in lay language.
– You have the right to have medications’ effectiveness and possible side effects explained to you.
– You have the right to see results of tests and have the meaning of tests explained to you.
– You have the right to refuse treatment to the extent permitted by law, and the right to receive information on alternatives and consequences of refused treatment.
– You have the right to review your medical records and have them explained.
– You have the right to decide whether or not to participate in clinical research studies.

Patient’s Responsibilities
– Patients have the responsibility to give honest, accurate and complete medical history information.
– Patients have the responsibility to make sure that they understand what the doctor is saying and if not, ask questions for clarification.
– Patients have the responsibility to follow their doctor’s medical advice and instructions.
– Patients should report any significant changes in their health to their doctor.
– Patients should keep appointments or cancel in advance because failure to do so prevents other patients from being seen. Please be advised, when appointments are missed without prior notice, the patient may be charged a $25 fee.
– Patients have the responsibility to understand their own insurance benefits, coverage, co-payment responsibilities and obtaining referrals and authorizations.

Concerns & Complaints: We want you to be satisfied with the service, care and treatment that we provide. If you have any concerns or complaints please let us know as soon as possible. We will strive to immediately address your concern or resolve your complaint. Please be assured that your future care and treatment will not be compromised under any circumstance.